May 29, 2014

And the DORO European Tour ended succesfully!!! Thanks to everyone for all the support!
In every country we've been to during this tour we've always felt welcomed and loved! Hope you all had a blast at our shows!
Now it's time for some summer festivals! Check out the shows in the Live Dates section! It's gonna be a hot summer!!! ;)

Apr 01  DORO  Monsters Of Rock Cruise, Miami, FL (USA)
Apr 02  DORO  Monsters Of Rock Cruise, Miami, FL (USA)
Apr 04 LUCA PRINCIOTTA BAND  Dragon's Pub, Crevacuore - BI (Italy)
May 02  DORO  30th Anniversary Show, Düsseldorf (Germany)
May 03  DORO  30th Anniversary Show, Düsseldorf (Germany)
May 13  DORO  Halle 101, Speyer (Germany)
May 15  DORO  Komma, Wörgl (Germany)

I'm the owner and director of the new music school DynArt.
It is based in Balerna (Switzerland), via Motta 6, ideal location for both residents in Ticino and for those arriving from Italy (Como and Varese).
Join my guitar course! Write to
And for the further students, online guitar lessons are available via Skype!!!

The course is divided into three levels:
- Basic
- Intermediate
- Advanced

Each level includes:
- Rhythm technique
- Scales
- Harmony
- Guitar soloing (the study of various techniques)
- Improvisation and composition
- Covering (study of songs that can vary depending on the attitude and the artistic choices of the student)

For further information, times and prices write to




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