April 25, 2017

Hello everybody,

Doro Pesch and her band are working on the new record! Some real exciting news will be posted very soon.
These days I'm also recording my second solo album and hopefully it will be released before the end of this year.
In the meantime I'm always touring with Doro and my other projects. Local gigs, Summer festivals and tours in US and Europe. Check out the live dates! :)


Sep 08 Doro's Warlock - Palladium Worcester, MA (USA)
Sep 10 Doro's Warlock - BB King's New York, NY (USA)
Sep 12 Doro's Warlock - Tokem Lounge Detroit, MI (USA)
Sep 14 Doro's Warlock - Reggie's  Chicago, IL (USA)
Sep 16 Doro's Warlock - The Whisky Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Sep 22 On The River - Private Party, Como (Italy)

I'm the owner and director of the new music school DynArt.
It is based in Balerna (Switzerland), via Motta 6, ideal location for both residents in Ticino and for those arriving from Italy (Como and Varese).
Join my guitar course! Write to info@lucaprinciotta.com.
And for the further students, online guitar lessons are available via Skype!!!

The course is divided into three levels:
- Basic
- Intermediate
- Advanced

Each level includes:
- Rhythm technique
- Scales
- Harmony
- Guitar soloing (the study of various techniques)
- Improvisation and composition
- Covering (study of songs that can vary depending on the attitude and the artistic choices of the student)

For further information, times and prices write to info@lucaprinciotta.com.




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