July 6, 2016

The new DORO live DVD 'Strong and Pround - 30 Years of Rock and Metal' is out and it's climbing the European charts!!!

#1: Finland (DVD Charts)
#2: Germany (DVD Charts)
#3: UK (DVD Charts)
#3: Sweden (DVD Charts)
#11: Germany (CD Charts)
#29: Netherlands (DVD Charts)
#36: UK (Rock Charts)
#36: France (DVD Charts)
#62: Czech Republic
#150: Belgium

You can order it at the following location: [click]

Lots of new tour dates coming up! Check them out!!!

April 6, 2016

Hey Folks!

The new DORO single "Love Has Gone To Hell" is out now!
You can order it HERE.

Here are the two versions of the official video:


Jan. 1st, 2016

Happy New Year to everyone!

Lots of things are cooking for this beginning of 2016: new tour dates with DORO, local shows with my trio, recording my second solo album in March, doing some special guest appearances in albums from some cool bands, and working on a soundtrack project with photographer/video maker Reto Albertalli! 

Life's good! ;) 

Oct 1st, 2015

I'm so honored to announce that I've signed an endorsement contract with the legendary German guitar brand Framus/Warwick! From now on I'll be using their amazing guitars live on stage, in recording studios and in my bedroom! :)
I'll be in their endorsers list together with my buddy Bas Maas and other brilliant musicians like Adam Clayton (U2), Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Wolf Hoffmann (Accept), David Townsend and many more.
I guess you can tell from the picture that I'm very happy!  


August 29, 2015

Guitar lessons avalaible all year long at my music school DynArt, Balerna (Switzerland)!

For further information please write me at info@lucaprinciotta.com

On-line guitar lessons available via Skype! Contact me! 

May 19, 2015

Working on my second solo album, the composing process is going well. The songs we have so far are arranged and the pre-production sounds great already! Thanks also to the amazing job of my band mates, Rocco Lombardi (Drums) and Gia-Andrea Costa (Bass).

The new album from my great friend Jgor Gianola (ex Gotthard, ex U.D.O.) called "Rockmantic" is out now! I've played on the track 11 "Spirito Libero". You can download a free copy of the album at www.jgorgianola.com .

In a few days I'll be on tour again with Doro. Two shows in Germany and three in Russia!!! Check out the live dates section. 

March 30, 2015

The US tour with DORO was just amazing! Can't wait to go back over there, always an overwhelming experience!

Now I'm back in Europe. Next gig with DORO will be the Full Metal Cruise starting on April 11th. After that we'll start touring in Germany and Norway, check out the dates on the poster below.

I'll do a Master Class in Aschaffenburg (Germany) on Sunday 03 May at 14:00 at Bott & Schöttner Musikschule. For further information please write to info@bottundschoettner.de

See you on tour!  

Dec. 19, 2014

2014 has been another successful and happy year for me. I'm very grateful for what I have and what I have achieved! Thank you all!
Have a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year!

Here are the new DORO shows for 2015: 

Nov. 14, 2014

Sept. 24, 2014

Proud to announce a new collaboration with the Italian brand Frog Amps and Cables!
They wil present some new products at the Music Wall exhibition in Pizzichettone, Cremona (I), on Sunday 21st September.
I'll be at their stand from 2pm to 6pm together with ex-Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso. Come by say "Hello"!

I'm thrilled to go back touring with DORO in US and Canada in October! Check out the live dates! Hope to see you there! 


May 29, 2014

And the DORO European Tour ended succesfully!!! Thanks to everyone for all the support!
In every country we've been to during this tour we've always felt welcomed and loved! Hope you all had a blast at our shows!
Now it's time for some summer festivals! Check out the shows in the Live Dates section! It's gonna be a hot summer!!! ;)

Feb. 11, 2014

DORO Latin America tour starts on February 27th in Mexico City!!!

Here's instead my second guitar lesson for Japanese website http://www.museonmuse.jp/?p=4615
This time I've analyzed two riffs and two short licks taken from the first song of my solo album. Hope you enjoy it! ;)

Jan. 10, 2014

Happy New Year!
2014 looks already pretty exciting: I've started composing for the new Luca Princiotta Band album and we'll start recording in the next summer!
Looking forward to the next DORO adventures!! Latin America in March, Monster Of Rock Cruise in April, 30th Anniversary live DVD recording and an European tour in May. For further infos check out the live dates!

October 25, 2013

I just got back from the first leg of the DORO 30 Years Anniversary European Tour... it was a blast!
Gratitude to all the fans who were able to visit us on this run & the rest for your constant support. See you in December!

In the meantime I've started a collaboration with the Japanese webzine MuseOnMuse.
I've filmed the first exercise and there will be more to come!
Here's the link: http://www.museonmuse.jp/?p=4172#more-4172

June 1st, 2013

DORO is the winner of the "Legend" award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards!
I'm proud to be part of this incredible team!
In the Summer we will play in the most important European festivals including Wacken Open Air (Germany) where we'll be the headliners of Friday 2nd August, celebrating the 30th Years Anniversary of DORO career with a huge stage scenography and some great special guests!

Last but not least the Samsas Traum Best Of -  Leben Bedeutet Kämpfen is out! Go get your copy!;) 


March 15, 2013

After the successful DORO US tour I'm back home working in my studio/music school DynArt, giving guitar lessons and recording tons of new material, from documentary soundtracks to songs for different artists.
Meanwhile I'm playing shows with Clairvoyants and my acoustic trio.
In April will start the DORO Russian/Scandinavian tour and it will end with an amazing event: the Full Metal Cruise!
Check out the concerts on the Live Dates section! 


January 15, 2013


October 26, 2012

The new DORO album "Raise Your Fist" is out through the record company Nuclear Blast!
The DORO European tour wil start the 15th November in Kiek (D) and it will end the 12th December in Paris (Fr)!
All the shows and details are available on the "Live Dates" section.
While touring I'll do a Master Class on the 11th December in Aschaffenburg (D) at the music school Bott & Schöttner. For further information write to info@bottundschoettner.de.



August 28, 2012

Big News!!!

I'm the owner and director of the new music school DynArt.
It is based in Balerna (Switzerland), via Motta 6, ideal location for both residents in Ticino and for those arriving from Italy (Como and Varese).
Join my guitar course! Write to info@lucaprinciotta.com.
And for the further students, online guitar lessons are available via Skype!!!

The course is divided into three levels:
- Basic
- Intermediate
- Advanced

Each level includes:
- Rhythm technique
- Scales
- Harmony
- Guitar soloing (the study of various techniques)
- Improvisation and composition
- Covering (study of songs that can vary depending on the attitude and the artistic choices of the student)

For further information, times and prices write to info@lucaprinciotta.com.



March 1st, 2012

The new Clairvoyants album "The Shape Of Things To Come" is out and it is now available on the following online stores:
- iTunes
- Frontiers
- Amazon
- Mariposa
On www.clairvoyants.it you can find a complete list of online stores where to purchase our albums!

On the Media section you can listen to the new single "No Need To Surrender"!;)

Between March and April I'll be busy touring Italy with Clairvoyants promoting our new album. Check out the Live Date section.
Luca Princiotta Band will be opening for Tony MacAlpine on 11th March at Bloom, Mezzago - (Italy)! Come visit us!

In the Media section a new video has been uploaded! Enjoy!



December 8, 2011

Luca Princiotta Band debut album "Vis Viva" is out! Now available on iTunes, amazon MP3 and CD Baby. I have a nice new LPB webpage where you can check out shows, biography, photos and listening to three song of "Vis Viva" and... don't forget to download the single "Burning Thirst"... IT'S FREE! Here's the link: www.lucaprinciotta.com/visviva.

I'm on tour in Germany with DORO right now, check out the "Live Dates" section.

A lot of new adventures are planned for the 2012: one of them is the new Clairvoyants that album will be released very soon! Stay tuned...



November 5, 2011

The debut album of Luca Princiotta Band will be out soon.

Now you can download the first single "Burning Thirst" and listening to two other brand new songs here: http://soundcloud.com/lucaprinciottaband.

Enjoy!;-) Luca


September 26, 2011

I'm on tour with DORO! Check out the live dates and come visit us!


July 7, 2011

Hey Guys!

The new Samsas Traum album "Anleitung zum Totsein" is out in stores... NOW!!
Here are some links where you can order your copy:

Standard Edition Amazon:

Limited Edition Amazon:

Standard Edition Infrarot:

Limited Edition Infrarot:

Fan Edition Infrarot:

Standard Edition Fantotal:

Limited Edition 2CD Fantotal:

Fan Edition Fantotal:

Thanks & Rock on,



May 7, 2011

I just got back from DORO South American tour. It has been an incredible experience which will be impressed in my thoughts for long time.

We visited beautiful places, met new friends, every show was an intense exchange of emotions between the band and the audience... unforgettable!

Although it is not easy to restart after a rewarding tour like that, life goes on and new targets must be achieved.

The new Samsas Traum album, German gothic band for which I recorded all the guitar parts, is in mastering process. Soon I will also be able to communicate the release date.

Clairvoyants wil hit the studio at the end of May for recording the new album! We are really satisfied about the work done so far. The new record will be more mature and personal of his predecessor and it will sound as heavy than ever!!!

Gigs have been updated, too. Therefore go check them out and come visit me!




March 10, 2011

Hola folks!

2011 started pretty well: Alexander Kaschte, leader of German band Samsas Traum, asked me again to be part of their new album. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll record all the guitars for this new release. I’m really looking forward to it because the last album we did together, 13 Jahre Lang Dagegen (2009), was really successful and I’m pretty sure the new one will be as good as the older!

Clairvoyants will hit the studio soon as well: drums of our second album will be recorded in May, so stay tuned about the recording sessions.

And...don't forget to check out the “Live Dates” section for the next gigs!

Stay safe



Jan. 3rd, 2011 | Happy New Year!

2010 has been a busy year: almost 100 concerts around the world, I’ve recorded my solo album which will be released within the next few months, I’ve composed new material for Clairvoyants that will be recorded before the next summer, I guess, and I’ve taught and learned new things with my students!

2011 starts with the new Clairvoyants’ gigs!

I can already tell you that in April I'll be on tour again with DORO in North Europe and South America! You’ll find further details in the “Live Dates” section.

I wish you a successful 2011!



Nov. 05, 2010

Ciao everybody!

The Live Dates section has been updated with all the shows I’ll play untill the end of 2010.

In November I’ll focus on the gigs I have with Clairvoyants, then in December I’ll take off for the DORO Winter Tour that will take me far from home for the whole month. For the first leg of the tour we’ll be supporting Motorhead! Another dream come true! The rest of the shows will see DORO as a Headliner and the setlist will be enriched with some pieces taken from the almost thirty years old repertory of the band.

I’m glad to annaunce I’ve finished mixing my solo album! I wanted to keep the sound as natural as possible and I have to say that I’m very pleased with the final result, thanks also to Rocco Lombardi on drums, Gian Andrea Costa on bass and our producer Stefano Scenini! Next step: Mastering!

Within the next days I’ll start recording the guitar parts for the Rock Opera written by Gabriele Bernasconi! I’m looking forward to facing this new challenge!

In the Clairvoyants headquarter the last songs are being arranged, that will complete our second album… can’t wait to hear them recorded!

See you on the road!



Sept. 2nd, 2010

It's been a great summer so far! I played in one of the most important european festivals like Bang Your Head in Germany, Bloodstock in UK and Metal Camp in Slovenia...rewarding experiences!
It's not finished yet: Saturday 11 September Clairvoyants will be headlining the Rock Night Festival in Neunburg, Germany! Still speaking about abroad gigs, with DORO, on the second week of October, we will visit Japan for the first time! Three important shows: Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka! And in December we'll be on tour supporting Motorhead!

About production, I've finished recording the debut album of my instrumental trio and  within the next weeks we'll be busy mixing it and then mastering it.
With Clairvoyants instead, we made huge steps forward on the composing process and in the first months of  2011 we will enter the recording studio to realize our second album!

For whom is interested on following my lessons I announce that the subscritions of my guitar class at Controtempo Music Center Lugano are open. For Further information please write me here: info@lucaprinciotta.com.

Stay Tuned!;-)



July 07, 2010 | Welcome to my new website!

During the Summer I will be on tour with my band ClairvoyantS and with DORO. Check out my next live dates!

Meanwhile I’ve started the production of my solo album. Hope you’ll love it!





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